Singer-songwriter Mike Lane was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Along with his three brothers: Steve, Terry, and Scott, who also got the music "bug" from parents Fred and Corky, Mike enjoyed a steady background of everything from "Soul Train" to broadway. "We always had music playing in the home. My mom was a great sight-reader, and we would gather around the piano and sing all the great hits that to this day still send chills up my spine, and make me happy to be alive. As a young kid, I used to stare at a picture, perched on the piano, of some of the more acclaimed songwriting "giants" of the day, and marvel at their magical ability to create unspeakably beautiful music out of thin air! It was clear that music was my love and my destiny. I just didn't know how to pursue it, or how songwriting could translate into a viable career. By the age of 17, I didn't care. My parents bought me my first guitar, and a handful of lessons, and I quickly began to pursue the thing that made my skin tingle. Along came "Woodstock" and the innovative and rebellious sounds of artists like Hendrix and Joplin, and the excitement of the Beatles, and the British "invasion," which fueled Lane's desire to make his own unique contribution." I was fascinated by the notion that certain sequences of sounds combined with lyrics and energized by rhythm could evoke such powerful experiences in me. It was pure magic, and I longed to understand it, and to find my own creative voice. The most important thing, however, was that I knew I was a songwriter."

By the age of 20, Lane had become so smitten with music that he could no longer focus on his studies at the University of Illinois, choosing instead to "sneak" into the piano rooms, although he was not part of the music program. Lane dropped out of the University of Illinois (Champaign) forsaking his senior year, and joined an already established band called," Memphis Underground", playing soul and funk in clubs throughout the Midwest. It was a turning point for Lane, and the beginning of what would become a long lasting love affair with rhythm and blues music.

At the age of 25, following a brief stint as a tennis instructor in Israel, Lane moved out to California to pursue music in earnest, performing in small restaurant-clubs throughout the Los Angeles area, and supplementing his income coaching tennis at a local club in Woodland Hills. After a number of years, according to Lane, "I reached the point where I started to feel like a human juke-box. I felt empty and depressed playing cover tunes, and longed to perform my own music. I went into a 10 year hiatus devoting myself to my long held dream of becoming the best writer I could possibly be. This was and is my passion, my bliss, my reason to be.

During that period, in addition to expanding his own personal library of compositions, Mike wrote numerous commercial scores for television, including projects for " Lifetime" and " ESPN sports", and composed the acclaimed soundtrack for "Night Magic," an illusion spectacular that ran for a year at the Reno Hilton. Lane also performed stand-up comedy in the show.  In addition to composing jingles for local L. A. radio stations and ad agencies. His composition entitled "Dance for You" was recorded by Brazilian artist "Kenia", and featured on L. A.'s Wave radio.  Lane also spent a year touring the United States with the "New Seekers" of "Georgie Girl" fame during this time.

Along the way, according to Lane, "I managed to squeeze in a mid-life crisis or two, which spawned a career as a psychotherapist (MFT), a  career which I enjoy to this day, and one that has spanned 15 years."  Lane works with adults, adolescents, and children, specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. "Naturally, I end up working with a lot of artists, and not surprisingly, many of my musical inspirations have been infused and inspired by my association with the many brave and wonderful souls I have had the privilege of working with in my practice.

In 2005, a perfect storm of cosmic phenomena conspired to revive Lane's performing "bug." "I ran into a dear old friend, Wally Minko, who is also a  superstar piano player, arranger, and producer, and we discussed the possibility of working together on a new project. We were both eager to combine our skills and our mutual passion, and set about to create "Little Pink Rat", a project that eventually ignited the impetus for the Mike Lane band, featuring Mike Lane on vocals and acoustic guitar, Wally Minko on piano and keyboards, Tom Bethke on acoustic and electric guitars, Tom Evans on sax, Reggie Mcbride on bass, and Johnny Friday on drums. It's an amazing gang of immensely talented musicians who are as kind and funny as they are gifted."

Mike Lane's latest CD, "Little Pink Rat" combines strong compositional work with dazzling musicianship featuring some of the top session players in the world. Electrifying grooves and soulful ballads will move you at your core.

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